At Almusk jewellery, we understand the value of insulate the privacy of personal and financial information. Information you give us will be sustain save and sound. We will only retain your data for either obligatory or as to the purposes for which it was gather. We will only gather info where it is required for us and if it is applicable to our dealings with. We appreciate your privacy and protect your personal detail. Al musk jewellery ensure the policy is only limited to our website. Any personal information such as name, contact number, address, and liking etc. you make at ones fingertip to Al Musk Jewellery, is done so purposely, with your knowledge and acceptance when making a request or registration for favor from Al musk jewellery.
As it was mentioned above Al musk jewellery will not use your Personal Data for unbidden conveying. We do not open up or layout obtainable any Personal data are given to Al musk jewellery to the third party in any condition. Against in order to place delivery of the product to the customer (our courier service). We will only gather data where it is required for Al musk jewellery to do so and if it is related to our dealings with the customer.
If you are apprehensive about your personal info you may have the liberty to request access to the personal data which we may hold about you. You have the privilege to correct any error in your information free of cost. At any step, you may also have the right to ask us to stop keeping your personal data anymore.